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Absent Friends- Absinthe makes a comeback in this bittersweet cocktail.

Caipirinha- Brazil's gift to the cocktail connoisseur. Using vodka instead of cachaca or rum makes a caipiroska.

Dirty Harry- Do you feel  lucky? Try this mix of white spirits, lime, lemon and mint.

Dry Martini- Gin or vodka? Olive, onion or lime? A splash of vermouth or just a dash? There are so many ways of making a martini. We like ours very, very cold and very, very dry. Let us tell you how.

Everything must go!- It may seem like just a way to get rid of your leftover bottles while getting completely smashed, but to try it is to love it. An original recipe.

Evil Child- A delicious lime-green (or is that slime-green?) cocktail guaranteed to get you in the mood.

Gin and Tonic- A perennial favourite. Try it with a crisp Tanqueray or a delicious Bombay Sapphire gin.

Mojito- A refreshingly cool rum-based drink, directly from Cuba.

Mulled wine- This recipe is a classic one to have on a winter's evening.

Lucid Dream- A new twist on the classic way of drinking pastis.

Pina Colada- A personal favourite. Dieters may try to substitute Malibu for the rum and coconut, but, hey, where's the fun in that? The cape gooseberry or in the photo is optional.




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