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Holiday Etiquette- A humorous look at how to be good at Christmastime. As published in the national daily, Cyprus Mail.

But what about the football- An account of 'El Classico'- Spain's most heated battle since the Civil War.

The best of spirits- A look at the revival of a misunderstood classic.

Original music by Mr E


Does Natasha Yi listen to Mr E?

Original MP3s by our resident DJ. The downloads are low-fi. Please contact us for CD quality MP3s.

Cuba Libre- latin jazz

Funkmaster- jazz and funk

Jezebel- Loud guitars, hard rock

Ocean Blue- Uptempo dance beats

Moss Side Story- Hiphop and soul beats




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The Wallpapers are provided in jpg image format and will open in a separate window. Simply right-click and choose "Set as Background" or save the images and then alter your screen settings accordingly.

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The best software recommendations

Acoustica mp3 Audio Mixer is a great tool for budding DJs. Free to try.

Kazaa Media Desktop is the latest p2p (person to person) file-share program, particularly good at mp3, especially for those with ADSL connections. Try it- it's free!

FreeRip is a shareware mp3 ripper. It is fast and produces good quality mp3s. When used while online, it is capable of getting information on your CDs, including artist, album and song title. 

FreeSaver is a freely distributable (public domain) cut-down version of the excellent shareware program Screen Saver Builder. You can create your own slideshow screensavers, complete with music of your choice.

mIRC Internet Relay Chat allows online chatting with people all over the world. If you've never tried it before, a word of warning- it's very addictive.

Opera is a superfast internet browser. Many swear by it.

WinZip is the industry standard file compression software for Windows. Try it here for free.

The FreeSite.Com is the best site to find freebies, including software and more.


Please note that we do not recommend using the above software beyond their evaluation periods without paying for them, nor do we suggest you use mp3 ripping and file-share software to contravene any copyright regulations.

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